Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Gourmet GIVEAWAY!!!

Remember last week when I told you what a great hit Baby Gourmet was with even the most discerning taste buds? Okay, I'll be honest. My kid will eat anything, but the other taste tester loved Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food too!

We love everything about Baby Gourmet!
1. The ingredients are organic and natural.
2. It tastes delicious. Just like Mom's homemade baby food. Some may say even better!! Just don't tell Mom!
3. The packaging is BPA-free, resealable, compact, and very portable.
4. It comes in a variety of different flavours and combinations, suitable for different stages of baby's first foods experience.
5. It's Canadian!

Here's more wonderful news! Baby Gourmet wants to give one of my readers a box of Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food! You will receive exactly the same items I received!
The All Stage Sampler box contains:
  • 1 pouch of Stage 1 Orchard Apple, Carrot & Prune
  • 1 pouch of Stage 1 Juicy Pear & Garden Greens
  • 1 pouch of Stage 1 Harvest Pear, Pumpkin & Banana
  • 1 pouch of Stage 2 Baby’s Sweet Potato Pie
  • 1 pouch of Stage 2 Apple Sweet Potato Berry Swirl
  • 1 pouch of Stage 2 Roasted Squash & Fruit Medley
  • 1 pouch of Stage 3 Vanilla Banana berry Risotto
  • 1 pouch of Stage 3 Tropical Banana Bliss
  • 1 pouch of Stage 3 Old Fashioned Apple Crisp
To enter, simply "Like" Baby Gourmet on Facebook! While you're there, why not say hello? Tell them I sent you. Also, make sure to leave me a comment letting me know that you "like" Baby Gourmet on Facebook! A winner will be chosen via Random.Org.

Contest ends February 18, 2011!

GREAT NEWS!!! Baby Gourmet is now available at your local Walmart stores!

*Disclosure- I was given The All Stage Sampler Box from Baby Gourmet for reviewing purposes. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. I like Baby Gourmet on facebook! (Ashley C)


  2. Christine, I've never heard about this prodcut before and I would love to win some of it. I was making my own food for Lucas and think this product is a great idea!!
    Oh, I did go to their FB page and mentioned you sent me!!

  3. Amanda.O. mommy of 5February 2, 2011 at 11:02 PM

    i like baby gourmet on facebook..

  4. I like on baby gourmet

  5. I like Baby Gourmet on facebook :)

  6. I like baby gourmet on Face book....but I have yet to try out their products as I have just found out that Walmart is now carrying them...but the next time that I am in Sudbury I will swing by and grab a few for my little taste testers!!

  7. Hi C! Guess what??? I have my computer back! For a short time!!! Talk to you soon!
    Posted on Facebook!"Christine from Random Thoughts and Musings from the Island sent me. I am due in 2 mths, and plan on making most of my own baby foods, but I'm really exicited that I'll be able to find a great organic food for when were on the go!!!! I'll be looking for your product at our local WalMart.... Congrats!"

  8. I like Baby Gourmet on facebook (Janelle K)
    xjanelle at hotmail dot com

  9. I like them om Facebook. I fed my daughter Baby Gourmet and we love it. We would love to win this prize!


  10. I like Baby Gourmet on FB (Kady Staffen-Lavallee)

  11. I like Baby Gourmet on Facebook.