Monday, January 18, 2010

Mama Loves

Sophie the Giraffe - classic teething toy from France. Made from natural rubber, it is safe, soft and non-toxic. Perfect for babies to chew on. Sophie is also made with non-toxic food grade paints. Little One LOVES her Sophie. She loves the soft texture and the squeaky sound Sophie makes when squeezed. Little One loves rubbing her gums on Sophie's ears and feet. Perfect for a teething baby!

Sophie sells for $21.99 CAD at Babies R Us. You can probably find lower prices elsewhere, but I've always seen the price around the $20-$22 range.
Bumbo Baby Sitter - made with low-density foam material, light weight, portable, and easy to clean. Perfect for helping babies sit independently in an upright sitting position. "The Bumbo has a favorable orthopedic effect that is important to assist in the correct spinal development of an infant. "

Little One loves sitting in her Bumbo. I feed her in it, she watches TV or plays while in her Bumbo, and it gives me the ability to do other things while she's in the room with me. I even read her storybooks sometimes while she's in her Bumbo.The Bumbo comes in many different colours. It's kind of pricey though. It retails for about $64.99 and can be found in many children's stores nationwide. You can also purchase it online at Babies R Us.
Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder - Quite possibly one of my favourite baby gadgets at the moment. Though Little One has been eating solids since July, I still worry about her choking on her food. The girl LOVES to feed herself! The Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder is amazing because it allows your baby to enjoy fresh food (fruit, vegetables, meat, etc) without choking! It's also BPA free.

Simply open the feeder, insert food into the mesh bag, snap shut and give to baby! It's easy to clean, safe (it locks tightly, so your baby cannot open it) and gives parents the peace of mind that no small pieces or chunks of food will choke the little one!

My Little One loves chewing, sucking, and gnawing at peaches, banana, and other food. Since she's teething, I think it also makes her feel good to rub her gums with it.

I love Munchkin products, but this one takes the cake!

Available at most children's stores, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, etc. Comes in packages of 1 or 2. The 2 pack sells for $9.99 online at Babies R Us.
Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks - The company states that Baby Mum-Mums can be given to babies as their first snack and may be given as soon as he or she is ready for solid food. Mum-Mums are made from specially selected fine quality rice and the "crackers" dissolve/melt in baby's mouth.My friend, SuperAmazingMommy gave me a box of Mum-Mums to try out on Little One. I could not believe my eyes when Little One devoured TWO whole rice rusks in one sitting! She loved the texture, the taste (I'm guessing she loved the taste, because she ate two of them!), and just being able to feed herself. I loved that the rice rusks melted in her mouth and weren't a choking hazard. Some moms have told me that they worried about chunks of Mum-Mums being bitten off by their babies, but Little One seemed fine with the Mum-Mums. She just sat there and happily fed herself. I also loved that there was no mess to clean up afterward...unlike with the Farley's Biscuits!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love You, Neti

Oh, yes it's true!
I love you, Neti.
And, this is true.
When I'm not near you,
I'm blue.
Oh, Neti!
I love you!

There are certain things in life that are so very private and intimate that you sometimes don't even want to share them with your spouse.

My love affair with my Neti is one of those things.

I was introduced to my fair Neti a few years ago. A friend highly recommended Neti and sent her my way. We have been inseparable ever since.

Neti and I have had our quiet, special moments together. Just her and I. In the bathroom. In the kitchen. Hovering over the sink.

My husband has seen Neti before, but he has never witnessed the special relationship we share. At least, not until today.

I accidentally left the bathroom door open while Neti and I were doing our thing. I didn't notice Hubby standing in the door way in silence.

"Having fun, honey?"

I gasped. I was caught red-handed. I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or not. After all, this was a very normal, natural thing. Why should I be embarrassed?

I suffer from allergies and sinus related issues. When you live on a farm, apparently you are not supposed to be allergic to anything. My Neti Pot has helped me tremendously with my sinuses and allergies. I have to admit, that it was a relief for me that my husband actually witnessed me with Neti! Now I don't feel like I need to use the Neti Pot in secrecy anymore. The process is kind of gross, but the result? You're left feeling oh-so-clean and refreshed!

*Photo from Google Images*