Friday, July 30, 2010


Chance to get FREE straps closes FRIDAY the 30th!

My daughter's favourite toys, sippy cups, and soothers always seem to end up on the floor when we go out.


I've discovered a fabulous way of keeping baby's fave things off the ground! Velcro one end of the strap to baby's car seat, stroller, carrier, or to the shopping cart and the other end (which is adjustable!) to baby's teether, sippy cup, toy, etc.

One strap fits all!

How fabulous is that? Another bonus? The straps are stylish! Sure beats the makeshift strap I made for Little One! Sophie the giraffe looked like she was hanging by a noose and the sippy cup still fell on the floor because I didn't have velcro. It's always wise to leave things to the pros when it comes to things like this.

I definitely need a zillion of these fabulous straps! Check out Simply on Board's website and join their Facebook Fan Page!


Thank you to everyone who entered our Ultimately Chocolate contest! This was by far the most popular contest we've hosted so far! A winner has been chosen at random via We are pleased to announce that Robyn is the winner of a box of 20 TOFFLES!

For those who are saddened at the thought of not winning, at least you can order TOFFLES online! Ultimately Chocolate ships their TOFFLES, but not their cakes (for obvious reasons!). If you're on the Island, you can sample some of the most delicious cakes and decadent treats ever. Just place your order and order at least a week in advance.

Robyn, please contact me with your mailing info so we can get your prize to you. You have 48 hours to claim your prize. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen at random.

Congrats! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

BornFree Canada Mom Panel

Something very exciting has been in the works. I am so very excited to share it with you! First off, congratulations to BornFree Canada on their success and ever growing number of fans! As a Mom of a toddler, I can attest to the quality of BornFree products. My 20 month old daughter refuses to drink from any sippy cup that is not a BornFree sippy cup. I don't need any convincing. That is proof enough of how great the products are. What I'm even more excited about is that I have been selected to be part of the BornFree Canada Mom Panel.

I began my personal blog back in 2006. It was just my little spot in the blogosphere where I could keep in touch with family, friends, and former students as I embarked on a new journey. I left Toronto for an island in the middle of nowhere and haven't looked back since.

Since then, readers (apart from family, friends, and students) have joined me in my adventures on the farm. You've been there through my high risk pregnancy and the very early arrival of our little preemie.

Thanks to the blog, I've also been able to work with some pretty fabulous companies and meet wonderful people. I've become great friends (in real life) with some of the bloggers I've met along the way.

I still keep my personal blog, but host contests /giveaways and post reviews on this blog.

With the success of the American BornFree site, I'm sure it won't be long until BornFree Canada receives an equally wild reception! Great articles, fun bloggers, fabulous products, and amazing giveaways...How can you not love that!?

Here's an introduction to the Canadian Mom Panel members. BornFree Canada is looking for a third writer/Mom panel member. Join the BornFree Canada Facebook fan page by clicking here and recommend your favourite Canadian Mom blogger!

The fun and excitement are only just about to begin!

BornFree Canada Mom Panel

Erica Ashmore

Blog: Everything Mom & Baby


I started this blog on January.17, 2010, it all started with a recipe and a love to share information on everything and anything on baby and skin care (being an esthetician and SAHM). I’m a first time mom from Friendly Manitoba and now live in Ontario. Having a baby is exciting and I love researching anything and everything to do with beauty products,fashion, food and well…. BABY.

Christine Lee-McNaughton

Blog: Life on Manitoulin


Christine is an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher, mother, wife, freelance writer, product reviewer, and blogger. She lives on a farm with her husband, daughter, beloved canine baby, a bunch of rambunctious barn cats and some really stubborn cattle. She lives on Manitoulin Island.

Melanie Bailey Creations Review and Contest/Giveaway

Many of you know that I married a farmer and now live on a farm. Naturally, when we discovered I was pregnant, we decided to go with a "farm theme" for Little One's nursery. We wanted Little One to be surrounded by familiar farm animals and things she would find on the farm.
Melanie Bailey, the talented artist at Canvas Edge has a line of farm animals that are perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, and playrooms.

Her Funky Farm series includes modern farm animals for babies and kids. They make adorable baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, or gifts for new parents.

Little One has a collection that consists of a pink bunny, a blue cow, a purple horse, a yellow sheep and a pink pig. Let me tell you that many moms and dads who have seen Little One's room have commented on how much they love the farm animal paintings that are displayed on the wall by Little One's crib. At a recent BBQ party at our farm, some friends who are expecting their second baby commented on how they would love some wall art like the ones Little One has in her room.
The artist also has a very cool Safari series. Elephants, zebras, monkeys, giraffes...Oh, my! Simply adorable! If I were to redo Little One's room, I'd probably switch over from farm animals to safari animals. Too cute!

Want one? I know you do! ;) You can BUY IT on the artist's website here...
Contact the artist for a 50% off sale on all in-stock animal paintings this summer!

or WIN IT here!

Good news for you guys! Canvas Edge is giving this fabulous piece of wall art for kids to one lucky blog reader. To enter:

You MUST visit the Canvas Edge website and check out all of the artists' adorable animal paintings! Come back here and leave a comment. Let me know which animal painting you love!

Additional entries:

-BUY a Melanie Bailey Creation and let me know which one you bought!

-Like Random Thoughts and Musings from the Island REVIEWS on Facebook

-Follow me (@chancesmommy) on Twitter

-Follow me via Google Friend Connect

-Grab my button and post it on your blog (leave me the link where I can find it)

Good luck, everyone! Contest is open to Canadian and U.S. residents only. Contest ends on August 13th, 2010.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hooray for underWAY! Review and Giveaway!

Here's a little something about me. I'm not a skinny minnie. I've never been a skinny minnie. I've always been a little bit chubby. In our home, we eat healthy and we're active. We have to be. We live on a farm! It's part of our lifestyle. Despite the eating well and the physical activity, I'm still not one of those waif thin kinda gals. It's never bothered me. I'm comfortable in my own skin. However, I do make a concentrated effort to try to be healthy. After all, we have a baby girl and we want to be healthy and strong for her.

You know how some women complain about having to lose their pregnancy weight? When I was pregnant with Little One, I gained 15 lbs in total. Granted, I was only pregnant for 6 months and Little One weighed 2 lbs, 3 oz at birth! I weighed less after giving birth to Little One, but still had weight to lose. Weight loss has not been an obsession of mine, but it does loom there in the back of my head. If only to be healthy. Not skinny. Healthy.

Those 15 lbs came off quickly with me commuting to and from the hospital during Little One's first few months. Despite the exhaustion from having a preemie in the NICU, I felt great. I was a new Mom. I had a beautiful baby girl. Despite the stress and anxiety, I was doing great physically. She spent the first 70 days of her life in the NICU, growing bigger and stronger. I spent the first 70 days of her life getting up at 5AM, commuting by bus and subway, hanging out in the NICU, nursing, pumping, commuting again, and again, and again.

The stress of having a premature baby in the NICU, the stress of my husband being on the Island while I was with the baby at Mount Sinai, nursing, being on the go all the time, and everything else just made it easy to get rid of those maternity pants quickly. Like I mentioned before, I've never been one of those women who are blessed with a fast metabolism. The only time I was ever a skinny minnie was when I was a kid (before puberty hit)! I always had a few pounds here and there that I wanted to shed. However, my focus after giving birth to my baby was not the weight loss. It was making sure she was healthy, strong, and gaining weight so she could get discharged from the hospital.

Then we finally brought our baby home. More sleep deprivation and exhaustion, but we were thrilled to have her home. One would think that with all the activity we have in our lives, we'd be super fit! We have a farm, eat healthy and well balanced meals, we eat from what grows on our farm, we're outdoors all the time, we do a lot of physical work, and now that the baby is walking running, we're even busier!

We're busy on and off the farm, and I go walking with the Little One and friends of ours who have kids too. Despite the activity and healthy eating, I still feel I need something more. Why? Well, my 20 month old daughter came up to me the other day and patted my tummy and said, "Bebe! Bebe!" Mommy does not have a baby in there!

Enter underWAY. When Mom Central approached me about the underWAY blog tour, I was very interested. I'll try anything and was looking forward to testing the products out. To be honest, I always believed that a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity were all one needed to stay healthy. I have never tried anything like underWAY before.

I was sent:- eight bottles of underWAY (four Acai-Pomegranate and four Grape)
- Smart for Life cookies, cupcakes, soup, cereal, shake, bagel, and crunch

underWAY is a supplement drink that is infused with special HeroFiber as well as heart-healthy vitamins. The ingredients work together to naturally suppress your appetite and quench your thirst.

underWAY's special formula curbs your hunger in two ways. It takes longer to be absorbed by the stomach and it slows the absorption of what's already there. It makes you feel fuller longer. underWAY's unique ingredients also stimulate your stomach, telling your brain you’ve consumed more calories that you really have. Good news: there are almost zero calories with underWAY. One 16 oz bottle of underWAY has 10 calories, 2% carbohydrates, 15% vitamin B6, 15% vitamin B12, 2% fibre, 15% Riboflavin and 15% Niacin.

Each bottle of underWAY supplement also has HeroFiber, a soluble dietary fiber that helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol, glucose and insulin that are already in the normal range and promotes slower absorption so we feel fuller longer.

To my surprise, I did find that I wasn't as hungry throughout the day when I drank underWAY. Shocking! It's hard to describe, but I just wasn't hungry. I continued to eat our healthy meals and added the underWAY drink to the menu. I think it does work in curbing one's appetite. For instance, for supper we had a mixed greens salad, rice noodles with zucchini, onions, carrots, and goat cheese. I was full. Throughout the day too, I didn't feel the need or urge to snack. I know that grazing throughout the day instead of having three big meals is easier on the stomach and organs, and better for your metabolism. Honestly, I just didn't feel like eating much.

I actually really like the underWAY drinks. Both the grape and acai-pomegranate flavours are tasty and refreshing.

Speaking of eating, along with the two cases of underWAY, I was also sent Smart for Life products. The kit included all natural, 60% organic products (great for snacking on-the-go). The cookies, cupcakes, soup, cereal, bagel, crunch and shake all contain necessary nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and HeroFiber, with zero trans fat and making you feel fuller, quicker. They are easy, on-the-go meal replacements.I tried the cookies, the soup, and the cereal. I've got to say that they are delicious! I don't know why I was surprised that they tasted good. I guess that I expected them to be chalky, bland, and texturally "weird"! No to all of those. The texture was not odd at all. The flavours were really delicious, and the food was not "chalky" at all.I really enjoyed the chicken noodle soup that was included in the package. There was even zucchini and red pepper in there! YUM!

Interested in trying underWAY and all of the other Smart for Life products I got to test out? Good news! Thanks to Mom Central and underWAY, 10 (yes, TEN!) of my blog readers will win:
a case of Acai-Pomegranate AND a case of Grape underWAY to try for free!
Not only will you win TWO cases of underWAY, but you'll also win a Smart for Life assortment of cookies, cupcakes, bagel, crunch, cereal, soup, and shake! Wow! That's quite the prize!

Oh, the fun does not stop here! Though TEN readers will win this amazing prize, ALL of my readers are able to enjoy these products with this special code: MCCAN10OFFUW to get 10% off underWAY online orders! No one will be left out!

All you have to do is leave me a comment and let me know why you'd love to try underWAY and/or Smart for Life products!

Disclosure - I wrote this post while participating in the underWAY blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Better Health Beverage, LLC and received a Mom Central gift card to thank me for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Contest open to Canadians only. Readers may enter the contest on multiple blogs, but are only eligible to win once as part of the underWAY blog tour contest. Contest ends on August 4, 2010.

Friday, July 16, 2010

An Ultimately Chocolatey Surprise!

Not too long ago, some friends of ours from California and Toronto came to the Island for a visit. Of course, I had to make sure that a delectably delicious cake from Ultimately Chocolate greeted them upon their arrival!
For Mother's Day, I ordered the Caramel Crackle from Ultimately Chocolate. It was a hit! The caramel and chocolate combination was pure decadence!
With so many mouthwatering selections to choose from, Hubby helped me decide on the Raspberry Razzle!

The Raspberry Razzle is a deliciously moist cake layered with a rich raspberry buttercream icing (we got the chocolate cake instead of the vanilla). The cake is decorated with dark chocolate truffle icing, semi-sweet chocolate pieces, and a TOFFLE.Check out the amazing detail! Everyone loved that there was even a TOFFLE placed on top of the cake! It's a smooth milk chocolate truffle surrounded by rich, dark chocolate toffee.Needless to say, our out of town guests LOVED the Raspberry Razzle. I also got each guest a box of TOFFLEs. Gotta support our local businesses! Plus, I thought it would be an amazing way for our guests to remember their trip to the Island! Beautiful sights, fresh air, the waterfalls, the beaches...and chocolate!

Ultimately Chocolate's trademark TOFFLE can be purchased at
Loco Beanz Coffee House in Little Current, Ontario and Loco Beanz Coffee House in Gore Bay, Ontario. You may also purchase the chocolate TOFFLE online! Click here to order!

Ultimately Chocolate is giving one lucky blog reader of mine a box of 20 TOFFLES!!! Twenty TOFFLES! That is the biggest size box of TOFFLEs that Ultimately Chocolate sells!

To enter:
1. Visit the Ultimately Chocolate site and check out their products! Come back here and leave me a comment with what cake or baked good you would like to try! Trust's a difficult decision to make! Choosing ONE cake, tart, pie, or French-style pastry!

2. Follow me via Google Friend Connect (on my sidebar). Make sure to leave a separate comment here telling me you follow.

3. Follow me on Twitter (@chancesmommy) and Tweet this contest. You get two additional entries if you do this. Again, let me know in a separate comment here.

4. Grab my button (on my sidebar) and leave me the link to where I can find where you posted it.

Good luck! I know you'll enjoy your TOFFLEs! Contest ends on Friday, July 30th @ 12AM EDT.

Mabel's Labels Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the amazing Mabel's Labels contest on my blog. A winner has been chosen via Random.Org. We are pleased to announce that Kady has just won an Ultimate Back-to-School Combo!

Kady, please e-mail me your mailing info and we can get your prize to you! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Love With Mabel

Alternate title for this post: "My Latest Obsession!"

My friend, SuperAmazingMommy showed me a Mabel's Labels product pamphlet during one of our "key lime pie/let's let the kids run loose in the toy room while we rant talk about how much of a disarray our houses are in laugh at some of our Mommy Brain moments catch up" days.

She showed me the amazing labels she got for her two boys. There were labels for sippy cups, for shoes, for clothes, for school bags...for EVERYTHING!

Bing! Bing! Bing! (That's the sound that goes off in my head when my eyes widen with excitement)


Well, all I can say is that I am now hooked. It's like one of those little secrets you never tell anyone. Shhhhhhhhhh! I'm addicted to Mabel's Labels!!! In fact, I not only got some for Little One, but I also got some of the Label Out Loud labels for two of her friends for their birthdays. Useful, practical, personal, and cool!

The sticky labels from Mabel's Labels are durable, waterproof, dishwasher safe, and UV resistant. Oh, did I mention how cute they are?!

Because I've been trolling all the Twitter updates, I found out that Mabel's Labels have just launched a new combo yesterday. It's the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo!

know school *just* let out for Summer, but how great would it be to have all that back to school stuff LABELED!?! Better yet, if your child is going to be in daycare of camp this Summer, the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo is ideal for that too!


  • Skinny-Minis are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Tag Mates are washer and dryer safe
  • Shoe Labels and Teeny Tags are waterproof and UV resistant
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • 50 Tag Mates
  • 40 Skinny-Minis
  • 16 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Teeny Tags
Price: $44.00

Colour: Available in 6 designs.


You can get your customized labels by visiting the Mabel's Labels website.


Mabel's Labels has been kind enough (okay, SUPER AMAZING!) to give one of my very lucky blog readers an...Ultimate Back-to-School Combo!

To enter:

You MUST visit the Mabel's Labels website and check let me know the following:

1. Classic Line or LOL Line?

2. Design/color choice

3. Icon Choice if choosing Classic Line

Come back here and leave me a comment letting me know what you've chosen.

Additional entries:

-Like Mabel's Labels on Facebook

-Follow mabelhood on Twitter

-Like Random Thoughts and Musings from the Island REVIEWS on Facebook

-Follow me (@chancesmommy) on Twitter

-Follow me via Google Friend Connect

-Grab my button and post it on your blog (leave me the link where I can find it)

That's a total of SEVEN entries if you do them all! Good luck, everyone!

A winner will be chosen at random via Random.Org. If chosen, you will be notified via e-mail (so, please leave me your e-mail address). I will then ask you which design/color, Classic/LOL line, icon of choice, name of child (to be printed on the labels), and your mailing address so Mabel's Labels can send you your amazing prize!!!

Contest is open to Canadian and U.S. residents only. Contest ends on July 16th, 2010.


Just thought you should know that Kady @ Take A Mom's Word For It is co-hosting a fabulous back to school event. Lots of cool back to school products, reviews, contests and giveaways coming up!

Check it out! Back to School Event - Take A Mom's Word for It

Friday, July 9, 2010

My ORGLAMIX Has Arrived! My ORGLAMIX Has Arrived!

I entered a contest, totally not thinking that I'd win. The prize looked very interesting. It was organic mineral make-up by Orglamix.

To my surprise, I actually won!

Now, here's the thing about me. I used to live in the city, but now I live on a farm in a small rural community in Northern Ontario. I no longer wear high heels to work and I no longer wear expensive clothes. In fact, the only splurge in the way of clothes this year was a gorgeous item from Matthew Williamson. I say it was a splurge because now I never spend $80 or more on a top, but this was love at first sight and I never spoil myself anymore.

This beautiful Polka Silk Ruffle Neck Top is $730.

This Metallic Beading Gathered Top is $955.Obviously, neither of those tops was the one I bought.

Anyway, though I've quelled tamed my love for clothes and shoes, I still love make-up! I have a weakness for lip glosses, eye make-up, and all things pretty. When Alyssa @A Motherhood Experience introduced me to Orglamix, she became the enabler of my newest addiction. Thank you, Alyssa! ;)

Orglamix says on their Etsy site: "Zero Synthetic Ingredients: Orglamix products are proudly formulated without: nano particles, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or parabens. PETA approved. I GUARANTEE you will LOVE Orglamix, or your MONEY back."

How can you not love that?

I won the Pure Mineral Blush in Tarragon, Pure Organic Mineral Foundation in Bocote, and Pure Organic Mineral Eye Shadow in Cappucino.

I just love the shiny, shimmery organic mineral eye shadow! Orglamix has TONS of beautiful shades to choose from.

Orglamix. Organic glam. I guarantee you'll love it too.

Loco Beanz Winner!

We have a winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Loco for Loco Beanz Contest! A winner was chosen via Random.Org. We are pleased to announce that ModernMom is the proud new owner of 1 lb. of organic fair-trade coffee from Loco Beanz!

Congratulations! ModernMom, please contact me to claim your prize! I'll need your mailing info :)

Stay tuned for more great reviews, giveaways, and contests!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Now Everyone is Gonna Want One!

Little One is not a finicky gal. She will eat anything and everything. This said, she has very discriminating taste when it comes to... her sippy cups!

Believe me, I've tried a zillion and one different types of sippy cups. I've tried them all. She is a BornFree kinda gal through and through.

I once forgot her training cup at a friend's house (a half hour drive to the other end of the Island) and had to go back to get it! Ever since, it's been BornFree all the way.

Little One just learned how to drink from a straw two weeks ago. Perfect timing, because look what BornFree just came out with!
That's right, folks! It's the new BornFree Twist'nPop! We were sent a Twist'nPop Cup from BornFree and it just arrived today! Can I tell you how excited Little One was? Okay, Mom was excited too!

The Twist'nPop Cup is a 14 oz BPA-free cup with a silicone straw that folds into the lid when the cup is not in use. I'm a big fan of cups with lids, so this is a bonus for me!

The cup is ergonomically designed, so it is easy for child to grip and hold. All the parts are removable, so it's easy to clean (and it's top rack dishwasher safe)!

The thing I love about BornFree cups (apart from the BPA-free part and the fact that Little One loves them), is that they're leak-proof. We've been using the training cups and drinking cups and have had no issues with leaking and spilling. We've only had the Twist'nPop Straw Cup for a day, and so far so good!

We were at a friend's house and she wanted to get Twist'nPop cups for her two kids! I'm thinking that every kid is gonna want a Twist'nPop Cup! They are so cool. They really are!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wee Warmers Winner!

Thanks to everyone for entering our Wee Warmers Contest! The winner was chosen at random via Random.Org. Congratulations to Pat! You are the winner of THREE pairs of wonderful Wee Warmers of your choice. Please contact me with your mailing address so Wee Warmers can send you your prize! :)

Photo of Little One sporting her new Wee Warmers.
Rock on!

Don't forget that you can get your Wee Warmers by visiting the Wee Warmers website.
The discount code "ww_friend" will take
20% off at checkout!