Monday, November 7, 2011

Orkids Sustainable Stainless Steel Mealtime Combo Review and Giveaway!

A few months ago, I began a wonderful relationship with a business I love and respect tremendously.  Not only are their products fantastic, but we instantly hit it off. I was also excited to find out that I was the very first product reviewer to blog for this great business!

I don't like using plastic utensils/cutlery, plates, bowls, or cups.  Not only do I find them wasteful, but the thought of plastics and leaching really concerns me. Even though a lot of plastic products are now BPA-free, I still feel safer using glass or stainless steel.

Though I love glass, with a toddler around, I'm afraid of her dropping it and it shattering into a million pieces. Believe me, it's happened several times in my kitchen. has fabulous stainless steel cups/glasses, tiffins, snack containers, and now plates!

Another thing I love about is that they really listen to what their customers want.  They asked me what products I would like to see them carry on their website, and I mentioned a few things, including stainless steel plates.  Sure enough, one of their newest items on the website was the stainless steel plate!

We have International Dinner Nights with our friends and one of the rules is that each family must bring their own plates/bowls, cutlery, and cups.  This way, whoever is hosting that night doesn't have to wash tons of dishes and we're not using disposable dishes and creating waste! recently gave me a stainless steel snack pack, plate, and glass to try out.
I have to say that I was really excited about the snack pack!  It was great for toting around little snacks for the toddler! They're very portable and easy to store at the bottom of a bag or in that compartment under the stroller where I throw all Little One's "stuff" when we're out and about.
We were at church last Sunday, and I packed snacks for the toddler in her snack pack. She was quiet and content for the entire service! Between snacking on raspberries and colouring in her colouring book, she was quiet for more than an hour!

I love the plate. I think I'm going to have to order a bunch of them! I wish I had thought of this beforehand, because they'd make cute items for the loot bags for Little One's friends next weekend! I hate it when kids get cheap, junky little plastic toys or loads of horrible candy in their loot bags! Maybe next year I'll make sure the kids get something "green" like an cup or plate.

The stainless steel cup/glass? SHATTERPROOF! That's all I have to say! I've got a set of six (seven, with the one that was recently sent to me) and I use them all the time. When Little Ones friends are over, they use the cups. Two and three year olds spill their drinks. Often.

I can count the number of times Little One and her posse drop a glass or tip one over. Crash. No worries with the stainless steel glasses! What a relief!

*UPDATED to add: I'm excited to say that will be part of Little One's loot bags for her birthday this weekend! We are giving all the kids at her party a stainless steel drinking cup of their own! "Green" loot bags are the way to go!*

If you are looking for some great "green" Christmas gifts (or birthday and other holiday or celebration!), I highly recommend stainless steel products! The snack packs would be fabulous for stocking stuffers! You can buy them on the website.

How would you like to win an Stainless Steel Mealtime Combo of your own? The Mealtime Combo includes a stainless steel glass and plate!
 You want it?

TO ENTER: Fill out the rafflecopter form.  Don't forget to simply tell me by posting in the comment box below, what (other than the Stainless Steel Mealtime Combo) your favourite product is. Visit their website to view what products they offer!

Giveaway open to residents of Canada.  Ends November 28, 2011. 

 ** If you are having difficulty viewing the rafflecopter form, please refresh and it should load.**

Disclosure - I received a Stainless Steel Mealtime Combo (plate and glass) and a snack pack as a thank you for writing this honest review. The thoughts and opinions on this blog are original and my own.


  1. I like the plates and cups. The containers are nice looking too and would look great in my new house.

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  3. i love the Double Layer Lunch Tiffin

  4. I like the double layer tiffin as well. This would be great to take lunches in!

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  10. I like the Double Layer Lunch Tiffin.

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  12. My favourite item is the Nesting Storage Container :)

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  18. I would have to say I'm in LOVE with the double-layer lunch tiffin! I love stainless steel and this would go perfect with my daughters stainless steel drink container, stainless steel snack container and stainless steel thermos. The mealtime combo would be perfect for my 2 year old at home!

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