Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orkids Sustainable Stainless Steel Snack, Lunch, and Storage Containers

In my quest for making our household as "green" as possible for my family, I have been looking for products that suit our lifestyle. I was recently introduced to's Sustainable Stainless Steel Snack, Lunch, and Storage Containers. I have to say that after turning to stainless steel, I am now hooked!

The benefits of stainless steel are numerous. For one, being a mom who is concerned about making sure my family's food containers, plates, and cups are all BPA-free, I feel safe knowing that stainless steel, unlike plastic is non-leaching.

I've got a toddler. That means lots of drops, spills, and yes...breaks! I don't have to worry about broken glass or plastic when I use stainless steel! The products are durable, recyclable, shatter-proof, reusable, compact, and they keep  hot food hot and cold food cold!

Another thing I love is that the stainless steel containers help me keep our lunches "green". I am all about the "paperless" lunches and try to use as little disposable items. I feel really good knowing I'm doing even a little bit to help reduce our carbon footprint and tread a little lighter on the earth.

I got the double layer lunch tiffin and a set of six stainless steel drinking cups.

The tiffin is perfect for lunches!
You can use the two part system for lunches like pasta and fruit or chicken and rice with veggies. Whatever your heart desires, this is the perfect container for your two-part meals! It's also very compact and has a handle so you can conveniently tote your lunch around with you.

We love, love, love the drinking cups. In fact, I'm even contemplating completely switching ALL our glasses into stainless steel cups!
I am so paranoid about broken glass with a toddler in the house. This is the perfect answer to this problem.

What's even better is that Hubby and Little One both give their "Two Thumbs Up" for!

Stainless steel tiffins, cups, nesting containers, as well as small, medium and large containers are available on the website.

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  1. Many thanks for this review! We are thrilled to hear that you like our stainless steel food containers! The cups/glasses are one of our best sellers! We have some exciting new products coming within the next few weeks! We'll keep you updated through facebook, twitter and our website! Thanks again!

  2. orkids:
    You're welcome! It was a pleasure! I love spreading the luv when it comes to products I trust and feel good about!