Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School with Bear Paws!

Thinking of snacks to add to your children's lunch bags? Dare's Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit cookies are on our list. Sure, Little One isn't in school yet, but she gets babysat, goes on play dates, goes to her early learning centre...and she's the kind of toddler who needs snacks throughout the day.

The cookies portable and the perfect snack size for little ones. Each cookie has real fruit and 8 grams of whole grains. The Dare Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit cookies are also made in a nut/peanut free facility. Parents can feel assured that their kids will be safe and that these scrumptious goodies are fit for no-nut policies at schools and daycares.
With the seriousness of nut allergies, I try to be conscious and courteous of those around us. Though none of us in our immediate family have nut allergies, it's something that is always on my mind. Our niece has nut allergies. One of our friends also has nut allergies, but at dinner parties people often forget and put almonds in salads or other  delicious dishes. At least with Dare, we always know that the treats are nut-free and safe to have around people with nut-allergies.

The special peanut/nut-free logo on the packages of Dare products lets you know that they come from a nut-free facility. Even my toddler recognizes the symbol!

I was given the wonderful opportunity of testing out all three flavours. Dare Foods Limited sent me the Raspberry, Strawberry, and Apple Cereal & Fruit cookies to sample. My toddler loves the cute bear paw shaped cookies. They're great for when we're on the go. I toss a couple in her food bag and in my purse for when she needs a little snack. I've even brought a box of them to play group for the kids to enjoy. They were a huge hit.
The fruity centre and soft whole grain cookie really appealed to all the children. My toddler doesn't have a favourite. She loves the raspberry, strawberry, and apple equally.
Another reason to be proud of putting Dare products in your kids' lunchboxes? They're a Canadian family-owned company and they've been around 119 years! They're a proud supporter of Anaphylaxis Canada through sponsorship and they reinforce educational efforts about the importance of allergy awareness and peanut-free products.

Two thumbs up from Little One. She told me she wants me to put a banana, an apple, and a Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit cookie in her snack bag for year! She's not even 3 years old yet!

 Though Little One and her friends thoroughly enjoyed taste testing the Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit cookies, Little One seemed rather taken with the colouring pages, markers, and stickers that were included in the review package.

Oh, she liked the box everything came in too!
Disclosure - Dare Foods Limited sent me raspberry, strawberry, and apple Dare Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit cookies to facilitate this honest review. All the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


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