Friday, November 11, 2011

A Taste of Manitoulin

Many of my readers always ask me the following questions:

"Where is Manitoulin Island?"
"Are you located in British Columbia?"
"How do you pronounce that again?
"Oh, Northern Ontario? Like, are you really north? Is it cold up there?"
"Why would you leave Toronto for a place up north?"
"What is there to do in a place like that?"

I  have to say that I am truly blessed to have been able to leave the rat race and plant new roots in such a beautiful, pristine environment. "The Island" has so much to offer. A Taste of Manitoulin is but one of the many events that takes place on Manitoulin Island. Take a look and see for yourself!

Special thanks to Robert Maxwell of Digital Peasant Media for putting together such a fabulous video. If you are looking for a professional independent contractor (for videography and photography) to tell your story, check out! Robert shoots and edits all the videos himself.

Yes, that's me in the first interview. Note to self: This is why one must never leave the house without doing hair and make-up! Gah! I didn't expect to be interviewed. I just wanted to check out the local products and sample all the local fare! I was caught off-guard and sound like a bumbling idiot! Very eloquent speaking for an English teacher!

For another taste of what awaits you on Manitoulin Island, check out Robert's video for Manitoulin Chocolate Works!
Now, don't you want to come visit us on beautiful Manitoulin Island?

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  1. I'll be honest...I've always wondered about Manitoulin Island. Thanks for this the way, great job in the video!