Monday, November 28, 2011 Sustainable Stainless Steel Mealtime Combo WINNER!

I know, I know. Many of you will be upset with me. Sadly, there could only be one winner for this very popular giveaway.  It makes me really happy to know that A) Many of you are concerned about the environment and are considering litter-less lunches/sustainable products for your families and B) You love supporting new, up and coming Canadian businesses like!
Thank you to all who entered this giveaway. Cheers to for sponsoring this giveaway. We really love working with you!

Without further ado, the lucky winner of the Sustainable Stainless Steel Mealtime Combo is...
  • Name: Tara Elias
  • Option: Follow via GFC
The winner has been sent an e-mail. Please reply with your address so can send you your amazing prize! Just in time for the Holidays!


  1. Oh rats! I was hoping to win this :-) I will be ordering from the website thigh as there are items I would like to bet anyway. Their prices are incredibly good. Definately will buy from them,

  2. Awww! Sorry, Anon!
    Yes, definitely head over the the website and order from there! Their prices are so reasonable. One person who entered told me she was surprised that the prices were so good :) That's a good thing, right? ;)