Friday, November 4, 2011

Recipe to Riches: Are You Getting Excited?!?

 By now, many of you might know how much I love FoodNetwork Canada. I may have mentioned just how much I love the new show, Recipe to Riches too.

The concept is pretty incredible. Home cooks from all over Canada compete to have their original recipes turned into a President's Choice product and win $25,000. Winners of each episode are eligible for the show's grand prize of $250,000!

Having one's original recipe chosen to be a President's Choice product and sold at grocery stores nation-wide is pretty exciting! The $25,000 and $250,000 would be great too!

Week One's winner was Glo McNeill with her "Luscious Lemon Pudding".
I got my husband and toddler to watch the show with me. Since it was the first episode, I was really excited! My husband thought the pie in a jar concept was a really good one for marketability.  I think he was rooting for Brad's "Maple Pudding Chômeur". We make our own maple syrup on our farm and growing up in Quebec, maple syrup is one of my favourite things in the world! The aroma from maple syrup just brings back memories of going to the cabane a sucre every year when I was a kid!

Though I love anything maple syrup, I also love anything and everything lemon! I'm not a huge fan of extremely sweet desserts and if at a restaurant, I'd opt for something more on the tart side. Key lime pie is my absolute favourite dessert!

We tried Glo's Luscious Lemon Pudding and really enjoyed it. I think it makes a great PC product. This said, I'd really love for Glo to make me some herself! ;)

Week Two's winner was Jacqui Keseluk and her "Rockin' Peach Bliss" cake.
To start off, Jacqui's recipe really intrigued me. Layers upon layers of decadence! Did you say Dulce de leche?! I'm totally there! The cake was beautiful and I could totally see it being made into a PC cake that one would buy and bring to a party or have as a treat after supper.

Plus, Jacqui alone can be made into a brand.
I could really envision her as the logo for her baked goods. Really cool and unique. The juxtaposition of edgy (her look...and Jacqui, you are gorgeous!!!) and decadent (the cake seemed so rich and sumptuous) was really interesting. Loved it!

When we went to the Superstore in Sudbury, Ontario, my toddler squealed in delight when she saw the Recipe to Riches display.
She's only two (well, she'll be three a week from today!), but she immediately screamed, "RECIPE TO RICHES! RECIPE TO RICHES! IT'S RECIPE TO RICHES, MOM!!!"

We of course had to try the Rockin' Peach Bliss. It was slightly different from Jacqui's cake on the show, but delicious nonetheless.
It was a lot more "cheesecakey" (yes, I realize I just made up a word!) than I expected. It was a really good cheesecake! Hubby really likes cheesecake, so he really enjoyed it. The toddler loved it too.
I have to add that I really, really love Melissa Lam! Chocolate and banana go fabulously together. Her  Banana Chocolate Wow Cake looked really mouthwatering. I make a banana chocolate chip loaf that is a real hit, so I can only imagine how great a Banana Chocolate Wow Cake would be!

Another reason I love Melissa Lam? She is the best to Tweet with! We've been  having fun Tweeting. She's even offered to make me some Banana Chocolate Wow Cake if I ever head to her end of the nation! She now has an open invitation to come visit us on Manitoulin Island whenever she wants! ;) Really, if you don't already follow her on Twitter, you should! She is the sweetest person ever!

Week Three: John Grass' Chicken Grenades! This is something I would love to have on the menu at our next dinner party or social function. I'm all about appetizers and sometimes if I'm feeling like it, I'll just make several different types of appetizers for a party au lieu of a big, sit down dinner. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, some good vino and great conversation, and you're set for the evening!

The funny thing is that the night of Episode Three (Appetizers), I actually made Mini Tourtieres. I had absolutely no idea they were going to make some on the show that night! Mine were a total flop! I wish I had Sara Bradeen's recipe beforehand! My filling was perfect. The crust left a lot to be desired. One would think that a farmer's wife would be have perfected a pie crust recipe, right? After all, farmers' wives are notoriously known for their apple pies, right? Ha! Yeah, if the Mini Tourtieres were available at the store, I'd probably buy them! Pastry crusts and I don't get along well.

Next time we're at the grocery store, I'll be sure to pick up the Chicken skewers though! My friend, Gingermommy from Tales of a Ranting Ginger did a fabulous job in recreating the winning dish! Check out her blog! I'm going to try my hand at making the Chicken Grenades. Mehhhh...maybe I'll just buy the President's Choice Grilled Chicken Skewers!

If you don't already watch Recipe to Riches, check it out! Watch Recipe to Riches on Wednesdays at 9 pm on Food Network, and Saturdays at 8pm on Global TV.
Find them on Facebook and on Twitter to join in on the fun!

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