Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Now Everyone is Gonna Want One!

Little One is not a finicky gal. She will eat anything and everything. This said, she has very discriminating taste when it comes to... her sippy cups!

Believe me, I've tried a zillion and one different types of sippy cups. I've tried them all. She is a BornFree kinda gal through and through.

I once forgot her training cup at a friend's house (a half hour drive to the other end of the Island) and had to go back to get it! Ever since, it's been BornFree all the way.

Little One just learned how to drink from a straw two weeks ago. Perfect timing, because look what BornFree just came out with!
That's right, folks! It's the new BornFree Twist'nPop! We were sent a Twist'nPop Cup from BornFree and it just arrived today! Can I tell you how excited Little One was? Okay, Mom was excited too!

The Twist'nPop Cup is a 14 oz BPA-free cup with a silicone straw that folds into the lid when the cup is not in use. I'm a big fan of cups with lids, so this is a bonus for me!

The cup is ergonomically designed, so it is easy for child to grip and hold. All the parts are removable, so it's easy to clean (and it's top rack dishwasher safe)!

The thing I love about BornFree cups (apart from the BPA-free part and the fact that Little One loves them), is that they're leak-proof. We've been using the training cups and drinking cups and have had no issues with leaking and spilling. We've only had the Twist'nPop Straw Cup for a day, and so far so good!

We were at a friend's house and she wanted to get Twist'nPop cups for her two kids! I'm thinking that every kid is gonna want a Twist'nPop Cup! They are so cool. They really are!


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