Friday, July 30, 2010


Chance to get FREE straps closes FRIDAY the 30th!

My daughter's favourite toys, sippy cups, and soothers always seem to end up on the floor when we go out.


I've discovered a fabulous way of keeping baby's fave things off the ground! Velcro one end of the strap to baby's car seat, stroller, carrier, or to the shopping cart and the other end (which is adjustable!) to baby's teether, sippy cup, toy, etc.

One strap fits all!

How fabulous is that? Another bonus? The straps are stylish! Sure beats the makeshift strap I made for Little One! Sophie the giraffe looked like she was hanging by a noose and the sippy cup still fell on the floor because I didn't have velcro. It's always wise to leave things to the pros when it comes to things like this.

I definitely need a zillion of these fabulous straps! Check out Simply on Board's website and join their Facebook Fan Page!


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