Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do the Potty Dance!

When Mom Central included me in their Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Dance Blog Tour, I couldn't help but get excited! I've got a toddler. She's seventeen months old. Though Little One seems a bit young to be potty training, she has been showing interest in her potty (and has been trying to rip off her diaper every chance she gets!). This blog tour couldn't have been timelier, since a lot of my Mommy friends are in the midst of potty training their little ones!

Some Moms have told me that potty training can be a little frustrating at times. A few of my friends have offered their potty training kids rewards like stickers (and sometimes M&Ms). I don't really have a game plan yet. Although she's only now showing interest in potty training, I've been letting Little One come into the bathroom with me when I "use the facilities" and I have been letting her sit on her potty when she's interested. I don't think she's quite ready yet, but she will be eventually.

When Mom Central told me about the Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Dance, I thought it was brilliant! What better way to encourage kids in their "potty rituals"? Music and dance is something fun and positive and can help make the whole potty training experience great for parents and kids.

Little One and I previewed the DVD Huggies sent for each of our Huggies Dance Party guests.
This is what Little One thought of the video:

"The Pull-Ups Potty Dance Blog Tour aims to let more parents know about the Potty Dance as a tool to reduce anxiety and motivate success throughout the potty training journey."

Here's a video of Canadian comedienne, Jessica Holmes doing the Potty Dance:

...and here's eTalk's Traci Melchor bustin' a move:

Here are some pics from the Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party I hosted! I invited 10 moms and their potty training kids this morning. I thought morning would be best, since most of the kids nap in the afternoon and I didn't want to throw off any nap schedules.

Moms were able to chat about their experiences potty training their kids, give and receive advice, and just have a good time.

Now that you've got the Potty Dance song stuck in your head, check out the Huggies Pull-Ups site!

Smart solutions for everyday moms!

*This post is part of a Mom Central Blog tour. By participating in the tour and sharing my potty training experiences, I am receiving a $25 gift card to Chapters and a chance to win an iPod Touch.*