Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mabel's Labels Obsession

I have to confess that I am slightly obsessed with Mabel's Labels. Little One's personal belongings all sport the cute, colourful, personalized labels from I love that the labels are water resistant, are dishwasher and microwave safe...and they don't fade or peel off either! I love them so much that I get them for birthday presents for Little One's cousins and friends.

I've recently learned that they're great to have when everyone's sippy cups are all over the place at play group or other social outings!

Here's yet another reason to love Mabel's Labels: If you order through this site, you get your labels and Easter Seals earns money for some very deserving children! Easter Seals helps kids with physical disabilities succeed.
Great news for those looking for fundraising ideas! Mabel's Labels offers a great way to help schools and organizations reach their fundraising goals. You can go with the traditional brochure-based fundraiser or opt for the paperless "green" fundraiser.


  1. Thanks Chrissy, I really appreciate you posting this for me.

    Have a great day, Judy

  2. Judy:
    No prob! ;) Glad to spread the news. I love that Mabel's Labels not only puts out a great product, but that they also help offer wonderful fundraising opportunities.