Monday, July 25, 2011

Canadian Small Businesses - Want to Win $15,000?

Everyone knows that owning and starting up a small business can be exciting, but challenging and costly at the same time.  Just thinking of even here on Manitoulin Island, we have many talented small business owners with fabulous products and services to offer. Whether your small business be in the form of an organic soap making company, chocolate shop, photography business, jewelry making business, or quilt shop, (just to name a few!), extra funds are always useful.

This is why I am excited to spread the news about! Small businesses all over Canada can will be happy to hear this!

CentrSource is having a contest for all Canadian small business owners just like you. You can win a grand prize of $15,000! 

Simply enter your business information and a product offer for friends and family to vote on.

Over $40,000 in prizes to be won!

* Grand prize of $15,000 cash + 6 months of free advertising on CentrSource.

* Secondary prize: One ad will be randomly selected out of 50 entries for one prize of $5,000 cash + 3 months of free advertising on CentrSource.

Every Week, there are chances to WIN! A winner will be drawn randomly from ALL ad entries each week to win one of 8 weekly prizes of $1,000 cash + 1 month of free advertising on CentrSource.

Think that's great? It gets even better!  Even if you don't have a small business, you can still enter to win an iPad 2 just by voting!


  1. It would be awesome if someone we know won I would be happy wit the iPAd :)

  2. Gingermommy:
    Thanks for the heads up! Yes, it would be amazing if someone we know won! :) Fingers crossed!

  3. Awesome CANADIAN giveaway!! :) on all levels for everyone involved.

  4. Shash:
    Thanks for popping by! It IS a great Canadian giveaway, isn't it? Very cool!