Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BornFree Wishes You a Happy Mother's Day!

With all the craziness of the past few days (our student for the past 8 months has left, two new students have joined us, Little One has been exceptionally busy, calving season is upon us, we have a broken vein in our water system...), I totally forgot that this weekend is Mother's Day!

For the past few years, I've been hosting Mother's Day dinner at our farm. We invite my parents, my in-laws, my aunt and uncle (who are on the Island every Mother's Day for fishing), and we usually have students and friends over. I cook up a big meal, bake a cake, and go all out. It is EXHAUSTING!

Need a break? I know I do! Good news for you guys. BornFree Canada is offering one of their very lucky Facebook fans an incredible Mother's Day prize! In celebration of Mother's Day, how would you like to be crowned Queen for a Day?

The lucky winner will receive:

-Housekeeping Services for one day (local cleaner will be contacted)
- BornFree Prize pack with products from our Eco Friendly line

Total Value: $150
Just share your favorite photo featuring you and your child. You can post this photo on the BornFree Facebook Fan page or email it to Be sure to include text as to why this photo is so special.
Share this contest with your friends – when you tag “BornFree Canada” in your status update sharing this link, you’ll receive a bonus entry.

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