Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ice Cream (Melissa & Doug style)!

With the weather heating up, that means time for swimming, being outdoors, and having ICE CREAM!! We're fortunate to have some really good ice cream on the Island. Nothing beats lining up at the ice cream shop and choosing our favourite ice cream flavours to have scooped onto a cone (or in a cup for Little One).

Since Little One loves ice cream so much, I thought the Melissa & Doug Scoop & Stack Ice Cream play set would be ideal for her.  She's getting pretty good at all her Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles, and she's learning how things operate and go together. She's making all these connections and she gets so excited when she figures out how things work. The Scoop & Stack Ice Cream is great for her to "scoop", "stack", count, and just have fun. She loves pretend play!

The set comes with four scoops of all-time favourite ice cream flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip, two ice cream scoopers (both magnetic and can really "scoop" the ice cream!), and two wooden ice cream cones.

This toy is fantastic for so many reasons. Little One spends hours serving ice cream to her neighbourhood  friends, to her stuffed animals, and to us! The kids take turns and share (thank goodness for TWO scoopers!).

Little One's vocabulary has taken a huge jump. She's saying things like "One scoop or two?", "Scoop ice cream onto cone", "Ice cream, please!", and "Want ice cream? Have it!" :)

 I'm tellin' ya...Hours of fun scooping ice cream! In between watching the cattle from our living room window, of course!

It's just really cute. She's entertained, she's happy, she's learning, and she's developing various developmental skills. Okay, it helps that Mommy loves Melissa & Doug too!

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  1. she is so freaking cute! love the ice cream set..looks like lots of fun. might look into it for my kids..