Thursday, June 16, 2011 Is Back!!!

Not too long ago, I wrote about how much we love  I was introduced to this fabulous Canadian company and really liked the quality of their products as well as their excellent customer service and quick delivery.
Remember this piece in particular? It's a photo of Little One in her tutu (I selected Frameless Mounting).
Needless to say, we are very pleased with how this photo turned out!

Now has Metal Photo Prints! I like the idea of metal canvases that float off the wall.
They use UV sensitive inks-that won’t fade. This means that they can be used indoors or out. They’d be amazing on a patio or in a loft space.

"To create the metal print, Posterjack prints directly on brushed aluminum, which produces a brilliant sheen that traditional printing on paper or canvas can't deliver. As an additional unique feature, any white in an image will show through as brushed metal, giving a 3D depth to the print."

I know I'm a bit late in telling you about this great new product, but it would be a fabulous Father's Day gift (or an "any other occasion" gift)!


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