Friday, August 19, 2011

And Then There Was Guac

 In our house, we're all crazy for guac. Well, Hubby's more into the salsa. Little One and I can devour guacamole within minutes. People are always amazed to see my toddler eat guacamole straight out of the bowl with a spoon!

With the awesome Wholly Guacamole package I received (thanks to Gingermommy), I have been on a quest to try the Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa products in my recipes. Sure, they're delicious as dips with tortillas, but how do they fare in other recipes?

They are fabulous!!! They compliment any dish!

I made a Roasted Chicken-Guac-Cheese-Salsa Melt with Flat Bread on my Panini press.

-roasted chicken, shredded
-cheese, grated
-Wholly Guacamole guac
-flat bread
-Wholly Salsa (I added extra veggies by dicing up more green and red pepper)

*The Wholly Salsa has heaps of veg, but I had some green and red pepper on hand that needed to be used.

Load ingredients on top of a piece of flat bread and cover with another piece of flat bread. Make sure to put enough cheese so that when it melts, you've got loads of ooey-gooey goodness! Place on Panini press and grill until golden. Garnish with a little more salsa and if you want, a few sprigs of Cilantro.

We're addicted to the guac and salsa from I'm going to try to post new recipes as often as I can.


  1. Thanks for posting about this product! I jsut started buying them since that other post you posted! I love the guacamole! We still have yet to try the salsa. Maybe next week's groceries!

  2. That is awesome :) I love reading your recipes.