Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ddrops for Kids

Did you know that the recommended dose of vitamin D for toddlers and children is 400IU?

Research has shown that Vitamin D is important for our overall well-being because it has has many benefits on multiple organs within the body. Too little vitamin D can lower the immune system and increase the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and more. Check this link for more information about vitamin D.

My doctor even mentioned the importance of vitamin D for adults. Our family spends lots of time outdoors (We're always outside! We live on a farm!), but I still take my Ddrops for Adults!

When Ddrops sent us Kids Ddrops, I wondered whether my toddler would take it. Most kids we know don't like taking vitamins, so this would prove to be interesting!

The result? She loves her Kids Ddrops!

I'm not sure if it's because of the picture of Dora the Explorer on the box and bottle or if it's because the vitamin D drops are really colourless, odourless, and tasteless! Just a single drop of Kids Ddrops equals the recommended dosage (400 IU). It's a fun way to take vitamins too! No need to mask the taste or chew tablets! The purified Ddrops contain no other chemicals or additives.

Little One thinks it's really fun to get her drop of vitamin D! No. I'm not kidding! She brings me the bottle of Ddrops in the morning and says, "I want Dora vitamin, Mommy!"

She loves it!

You can administer the vitamin D drop on a clean surface (like on a spoon) or drop it onto your child's food. Personally, we don't even bother dropping it onto Little One's food. She likes her Kids Ddrops as is. I put a drop on her finger and let her put it in her mouth. Of course, I make sure her hands have been washed first! Occasionally, we'll put it on a spoon, but she prefers it on her finger.
Who knew that taking vitamins could be so fun?

For more information about Kids Ddrops, check out the website here.
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