Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recipe to Riches Season Finale TONIGHT!

If you've been following Food Network Canada's hit reality TV show, Recipe to Riches, you'll no doubt be excited about tonight's episode!  It's the season finale of Recipe to Riches and we've been waiting in anticipation to see who the $250,000 grand prize winner will be!

Each week, we checked in to see who won $25,000 and their recipe made into a President's Choice product.

Who did Canada vote for?

Jacqui and her Peach Bliss cake
Glo and her Luscious Lemon Pudding
Melaney and her Bannock Hazelnut Pie
John and his Chicken Grenades
Rosy and her Kulfi Karma ice cream
Robert and his Slow and Low Pulled Pork
Only a few hours until the grand prize winner is revealed! Who do YOU think will win?

Such a difficult decision, as we loved them all!


  1. I'm v3ery curious to see who will win. I'd like chicken grenades to win because they are great and John Grass's story touched me. He deserves to win. Sounds like sucha great guy.

  2. I don't know. I still like Jacqui's cake! I would like either Jacqui or John to win. I have a feeling it's going to be Glo though..

  3. Hard to say, ladies! They are ALL fabulous recipes! I really do think it's anybody's game. We shall soon find out! 5 hours to go until the show airs! ;)

  4. What a totally fascinating show concept!
    So how long after the show airing do the products end up in stores for you to try?
    I'm just thinking of the logistics of that (I assume they know the recipes they'll be producing well in advance)

    Have fun tonight.