Friday, May 28, 2010

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!

When I was a kid, I'd always get my Dad a new tie for Father's Day. It seemed like "the thing" to give to Dad on Father's Day. Who knew that most dads never really wanted a tie for Father's Day! But, like any good parent, Dad graciously accepted his yearly tie. I never found out about his aversion to ties until I was in high school! He just had so many and he seemed to need that many for all the business trips, conventions, meetings, and whatnot.

Well, the good news is that all men look great dressed up...even if we can only get them all gussied up once a year or so! Even better is the fact that Mom vs. the Boys is having a fabulous giveaway! Just in time for Father's Day!

One lucky reader will win a tie of their choice by entering the contest here. ABC Neckties has a wide variety of styles and colours, and they are all very affordable!

Every man needs a few good ties! We've got three weddings this summer and we're in two of them! Hubs definitely needs a new tie for the occasions! The groom for one of the weddings is giving his groomsmen ties, but Hubby's on his own for the other weddings. Remember, I married a farmer. He cleans up pretty nicely, but getting him to wear a suit and tie is like pulling teeth. I donated/gave away/threw out his old ties because they were so outdated and...well, UGLY! Ironically, he seemed attached to the one I hated the most. I called it his KFC tie! You know Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken? Well, Hubby's tie looked like the one Colonel Sanders wears in the KFC pics.I'm not sure if Hubby was actually joking when he said he couldn't part with his KFC tie. I sure hope he was joking!!

Definitely time for a new tie. ABC Neckties, here we come!

While you're reading this, why don't you head on over to Mom vs. the Boys? :)
Mom vs the boys


  1. C you won the Teething Bling from Smart Mom Jewelry on Take A Mom's Word For It!!! I couldn't access your email address... but you can reach me at Please email me your mailing address so I can pass it along to the sponsor :)


  2. Kady:
    Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!! I just sent you an e-mail! You are awesome!!! XOXO