Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Must See Event!

Every summer, theatre goers on the Island (and in surrounding areas) look forward to the dazzling performances by the Burns Wharf Theatre Players. The Players have performed in H.M.S. Pinafore, Broadway and Beyond, and Pirates of Penzance. This year's feature is Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe.

Many people have asked, "Io-who???"

Iolanthe is quite possibly one of the lesser known of all the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. It's actually one of my favourites.

Iolanthe, a fairy responsible for arranging all the fairy dances and songs, committed the ultimate fairy sin. She married a mortal! *gasp* The Fairy Queen sentenced her to death, but lessened her punishment to banishment for life on the condition that she left her husband and never communicated with him again.

The fairies in the fairy band miss Iolanthe tremendously and plead with the Queen for her return.

Iolanthe is truly a magical must see event! As with any Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, there is satire. The aristocracy, the political party and political system get a good dose of satire and being poked at. The play is rich with song and dance. The costumes are breathtaking. With a band of eternally youthful fairies, a bunch of bumbling peers/the House of Lords, the Lord Chancellor, and a plot that thickens (hint: The story involves a half-fairy/half-mortal shepherd who vies for the love of an Arcadian shepherdess, who has also received the attention of the peers!), you know that there will be lots of laughs and twists in the plot. Curious about this half-fairy/half-mortal individual? You'll have to come see the play to find out more!

Performance dates:
June 10-12, 17-19 and July 20-23 8PM
Burns Wharf Theatre, Manitowaning

For tickets, call the Box Office @ 859 3808

June 11 and 19 are sold out! Get your tickets now before the rest of the performances are sold out!

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  1. We are coming to see the play! Can't wait!

    J on the isle