Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wee Warmers For Your Wee One!

I have to admit that I am a sucker for adorable, funky, cool
baby clothes and anything baby related.

Way back when Little One was just born, Wee Warmers
sent me two pairs of preemie Wee Warmers. They are

Little One has since grown considerably and she loves
traipsing around in nothing but a diaper (if I'm lucky!)
and a onesie (again, if I'm lucky!). My kid just does not
like wearing clothes. End of story!

To cover her adorable, chubby, sweet baby legs from
scratches and nicks (she's a climber and is no stranger
to bruises and and minor injuries), Wee Warmers are
the perfect solution.

Diaper changing is easy, since unlike tights, we don't
have to take them off and put them back on. In the winter,
they protect baby's sensitive skin from the cold. If you've
got a crawler or a climber, Wee Warmers protect
knees very well.

I also like that Wee Warmers can be used when
potty training. No pants to pull down or up in moments
of desperation! :)
Another cool way to wear Wee Warmers is on baby's
(or toddler's) arms so that t-shirts can be worn even
in the winter!

Mostly, I just love the look of Wee Warmers. They
give Little One's outfits such character!

Get your own wee one his/her very own Wee
Warmers! Visit the Wee Warmers website and
peruse the many styles and colours they offer.

Oh, and Wee Warmers is Proudly Canadian!

The discount code "ww_friend" will take
20% off at checkout!

How cool is that!?!


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