Monday, June 7, 2010

Paintings by Chiharu

An Art Exhibit of Paintings by Chiharu Hayashi
July 31 - August 29, 2010
Location: Second Cup
King St. W & Strachan Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Summer is right around the corner! What better way to enjoy a hot summer day than to kick back with a nice cold Chiller from Second Cup?

Grab an Icepresso®, Chillatte®, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate® or Matcha Green Tea and enjoy an extra special treat if you head to the Second Cup at King St. W and Strachan Avenue. Japanese-born visual artist, Chiharu Hayashi will be displaying her wonderful art work there!

I've had to good fortune of meeting and getting to know Chiharu many years ago. Her delightful paintings are as unique and refreshing as she is.

Keep reading for more details...

Chiharu Hayashi

Phone: 647-835-7750


Chiharu Hayashi was born in Japan. When she was seven years old, she started learning
about Japanese Calligraphy. Since then, she has been building up her love of brushwork and
developing her ideas and skills in arts. She completed her degree in International Cultural
Studies at Kyoritsu Women’s University in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, she is taking a post-
secondary program in Visual and Digital Arts at the Humber Institute of Technology and
Advanced Learning. She has exhibited in various art shows in Toronto and been working from
her downtown studio.


The beauty of nature is an abundant source of inspiration for Chiharu’s paintings. She is
interested in discovering the spiritual side of beauty and fascinated by capturing the moment
she experiences an “epiphany” in nature, she interprets the feeling into her pieces. Her concept of abstract floral paintings is hybrid of North American and Japanese culture. In her brush stroke, she uses Japanese Calligraphy skills and combines them with a palette knife techniques she learned in Canada. During her stay in Canada, Chiharu realized that she should appreciate the richness of her cultural background and wanted to introduce an aspect of Japanese culture into her pieces and blend it with the Western tradition.


Title: Sparkling Tulips Date: December, 2009
Medium: Oil Painting Price: $500

Title: Garbella Date: August, 2009
Medium: Oil Painting Price: $300

Title: Twin Tulips Date: January, 2010
Medium: Oil Painting Price: $500

Title: Sunlight on Iris Date: February, 2010
Medium: Oil Painting Price: $280

Title: Sweet Orchid Date: October, 2009
Medium: Oil Painting Price: $350


  1. That Second Cup isn't far from the hospital!

  2. I'll be sure to check it out.