Friday, October 22, 2010

Bobs and Lolo

Little One's BFF's Mommy (who happens to be my BFF) introduced us to the wonderful music of Bobs and Lolo sometime last year. Ever since, Little One just has to have the raindrop song playing all the time!

In case you are new to Bobs and Lolo, these lovely, dynamic ladies are engaging, fun, inspiring, and they teach kids all about the natural world through music, dance, and make-believe. It's quality kids' music! I promise!

Little One absolutely loves Bobs and Lolo! I love the way she goes nuts and dances up a storm whenever she hears their music! Too cute!What's even cuter is catching Hubby dancing and singing "Raindrop, raindrop, raindrop pop!" with Little One when he isn't aware that I'm watching!

Bobs and Lolo teach kids about taking care of the planet and their friends and neighbours. The songs are fun and catchy. I've had the raindrop song in my head all day.

Check them out on their website and take the kidlets to a live show if you can! Guaranteed to get your little munchkins singing and dancing!

*~Pop pop!~*


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