Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Owl Hat

 I know I've posted pics of "the" owl hat before. I just couldn't resist sharing this one though. It's the most amazing hat EVER!!! Super adorable AND the toddler loves wearing it!!! No, seriously! Little One HATES wearing hats, but she LOVES her owl hat!

If you want your own owl hat made by Kady @My Dandelion Wishes, check out her Etsy shop and place your order!


  1. Last night I was thinking i wanted to go looking through your old posts for where you got the owl hats. Why must you read my mind? Whacky!!!

    I kept looking at the picture trying to figure out what was next to her. Tee hee. Cat butt!
    I think I need a nap. I am silly this morning!

  2. Cherry:
    HAHAHA!!! Yes, it *is* a cat butt! LOL!

    Funny how we read each other's mind like that! I'm tellin' ya. Sista from anotha mista, lady!