Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Once Upon A Potty

Once Upon A Potty has been around for a long time.  I suppose it's not by accident that this potty training aid has endured the test of time.  The book was written and illustrated by Alona Frankel for her son, Michael. Once Upon A Potty has been around since the 1970s and is a best-seller worldwide. There is a version for boys and one for girls. In the boy's version, the main character's name is Joshua and in the girl's version, the main character is Prudence.

Since Little One will be celebrating her 2nd birthday tomorrow,  Gadget Girl gave her the Once Upon A Potty book and DVD as a present.  Perfect timing, since Little One has been showing some interest in potty training.  I did say "some" interest.  It's pretty much touch and go right now.  Some days, she's keen to sit on her potty.  Other days, she's not so interested.

This said, she LOVES the Once Upon A Potty book and DVD!  She keeps bringing the book for me to read to her over and over.  She wants to watch the DVD at least six times a day.  She can't get enough of the Prudence's potty training experience.  She dances to the music, sings along, and says "Bye-Bye Wee Wee! Bye-Bye Poo Poo!"

For the most part, I think the video is a great potty training tool.  I think I was just surprised at the language used. "Wee Wee" and "Poo Poo" were used to describe bodily functions. I don't know if we'd use those exact words with Little One. I was deliberating on whether or not we should teach Little One "other" names for "bowel movements", "voiding" get the picture.  I think we've been using "Pee" and "Poo".

The other thing I was a bit surprised about was that the video was pretty graphic in showing the anatomy. I'm fine with that. I believe children need to learn about their body parts. I do like that all the body parts are shown and their functions are explained. I was just a bit shocked at first.  The video even shows Prudence's "hole" for where Poo Poo comes out of.

I have to say that after viewing the DVD for the first time, Little One stripped down to her diaper, removed her diaper, grabbed her potty and sat on it...while watching Prudence learn about potty training on TV.  I was shocked at how aware Little One has become of her body.  She was pointing to body parts that I had not taught her about yet.  Oh, boy! I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this  yet! :)

Have you heard of Once Upon A Potty before? Have you used this as a potty training tool?


  1. hahaaa isn't potty training fun? we're working on our youngest..he's got two older siblings he observes but is still not wanting to part with the diaper. it'll come in time. no rush, plus jhe's a boy. boys are toughter to train than girls. or so i've been told

  2. HM:
    Oh, fun alright! Have you ever seen this video or book? They have it in the boy version too. What do you call private parts? Do you call them by their real names or do yo use other names for them?