Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Awesome Holiday Gifts

I'm a very practical and frugal person usually a very practical person. With our ever growing family, the holidays can be a bit hard on the pocketbook. This is why practical is good.

We know it's not all about the presents, the buying, and the receiving, but it sure is fun to put a smile on someone's face when you know you've given them something truly amazing. Donations to special charities are a wonderful way of spreading the holiday cheer and spirit. Doing something for others is also a great way to show you care. Making something from the heart like a craft (kid art is the best!) also means a lot.

Aside from those, here are my Holiday must-gives!!!

BornFree Twist 'n Pop straw cups are fabulous in so many ways. Little One loves that it's easy to hold and she loves drinking from the straw. I love that the top can slide shut so that when not in use, the straw is protected (so little fingers can't touch the straw and spread germs all over it). We love this product!

Mabel's Labels are perfect for every kid...and the adults in their lives! We lose things often in this household. We forget Little One's items at friends and family members' houses, we lose items from Little One dropping them at the mall or elsewhere...and we even lose things when our littlest friends accidentally take them home with them after a play date. What better way to keep track of Little One's items than by putting her labels on her belongings? Absolutely brilliant! EVERY child needs Mabel's Labels!

Wean Green Cubes are ideal for storing homemade baby food in and toting healthy snacks in. Little One absolutely LOVES her Wean Cubes. I love that they're made of durable glass, they're BPA-free, they're compact, and they are super cute!

Rub a Dub Whale of a Time bath toy made by ALEX.
 Little One absolutely loves this bath toy! Each part has a special function (spraying, twirling, etc). Loads of bathtub fun for your toddler!

BigSkyBrands candy as stocking stuffers! Big kids and little kids alike will love the Sunkist, Jones Soda, Maple Ice Mints, and Yogen Fruz candies. The tin containers that the candy comes in are super cool and have multi-purposes! I store my change in my containers once the candy is all gone. Hubby keeps nails, screws, etc...in them and keeps them in his truck.

Today I Ate A Rainbow! is a great tool to teach young children about eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. It's a fun and interactive way to get them eating their fruits and veggies!

THERMOS Lunch Kit and FUNtainers
was great for carrying lunches in our parents' time and in our generation too. Thermos has passed the test of time and is still very popular in our kids' generation. Their styles and products just keep getting better and better. For me, there's nothing more nostalgic than old school Thermos lunch boxes and containers! The new items are really fashionable and the FUNtainers are really cute with all the popular Disney characters (among other designs).

Wee Warmers are perfect for the wee ones in your life...especially now that the weather warrants warmer attire! These super cute and super fashionable wee warmers protect sensitive skin, keep babes warm, and add a little sense of style and originality to every outfit.

Krafty Creations adorable handmade creations from crocheted beanies with flower pins to pillow case dresses and super sweet headbands and clippies, you are bound to find something special for every little girl on your shopping list.

Ultimately Chocolate TOFFLES make a fabulous, elegant, and decadent gift for the holidays and for all occasions!

Mo'Lovely Designs - the perfect way to let any mama know they're special. Mo'Lovely has got necklaces, earrings, sets, and other beautiful creations. I already have my eye on one particular item! I'm  hoping Hubby gets it for me for Christmas or my birthday!

Stellar Dendrites are a fabulous way to greet loved ones during the festive season. What says "winter" better than gorgeous photos of snowflakes?!

Laundry Tarts' sensational and delectable fragrances are sure to make mouths water in your house during the holidays!  I told you that I am a practical girl, and I would LOVE it if someone gave me Laundry Tarts laundry detergent for Christmas! I'm not kidding! Yummy smelling clothing and natural ingredients = a good thing!

Krafty Creations has adorable handmade items for kids. I'm addicted to Krafty Creations and have bought items from them several times already. The pillow case dresses are the cutest!

My Dandelion Wishes is the place to shop for adorable kid and mama stuff. I've ordered several owl hats from My Dandelion Wishes. They are too, too, toooooooo cute! I *was* considering keeping my owl hat source a secret, but I thought it wouldn't be right to not share. I was tempted though! Everyone who sees this adorable hat on Little One always asks where I got it!
Piggy Paints are perfect for every little girl on your shopping list! The ingredients are "natural as mud" and safe for little fingers and toes!

 Bobs and Lolo's music will surely get your little ones groovin'! My toddler loves Bobs and Lolo! What better Baby's "first CD" than a Bobs and Lolo CD? Fun-filled songs, learning and dancing...chock full of good stuff! We big, fat, fuzzy heart those girls! They're so much fun!

Orglamix organic glam is a fab gift for those who love their organic mineral make-up! I'm hooked! I've got several different shades of very cool organic mineral eye make-up!
 Crayola products are classic, good, wholesome, creative fun. With their huge line of products, you can inspire every budding young artist on your shopping list. Cultivate creativity and share the Crayola luv...or just have your toddler draw all over herself and the floor. Hey! At least Crayola products are washable!
 Simply on Board straps are great for those who hate having baby toys, teethers, and sippy cups flung out of a stroller and onto the floor. Never drop, misplace, or lose baby's favourite items again! Nothing irked me more than having Little One's Sophie fall on dirty shopping mall floors. Simply on Board = smart!
 PhotoCaptiva is a great way to spread holiday cheer! Even if you may be too late to get your holiday portraits taken, it's never too late to have a fun family photo session! Better yet, why not GIVE a session to loved ones? I'm thinking we may have to book a session with PhotoCaptiva for my parents with all their grandchildren! How special is that?
In the weeks leading up to the holidays, I'll be posting more of my fave places to shop online. Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for including me in your great list! I will be sure to post about it! :)

  2. What a great list you hav here! I see some of my fave things:)