Friday, September 10, 2010

We LOVE Piggy Paint!

Hubby and I agree on most things when it comes to parenting our sweet Little One. Well, except when it comes to all things girlie.

He wasn't too keen on me getting Little One's ears pierced when she was 11 months old (8 months corrected). He wasn't too thrilled when he saw her adorable fingernails adorned with Piggy Paint either.

He's a farm boy and isn't too keen on anything girlie. However, I suspect this is all just a front and he really does like having a little princess with all her frou-frou, pink, girlie girl things.

I have to say that I just love, love, LOVE Piggy Paint!Why? Well, not only is it fun for Little One to get all decked out and prettied up, but Piggy Paint is safe to use on wee ones! That's right, folks! Natural, non-toxic nail polish that is as "Natural as Mud"! How awesome is that!?It's hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and low in odour!

Little one and her buddy had a Piggy Paint party. They were so thrilled to have their very first manis and pedis! Love it!

Little One's fave colour is Forever Fancy.

Want some Piggy Paint for your little munchkin or tween? Get Piggy Paint here! Oh, and great news for Canadian Piggy Paint fans! Piggy Paint has just lowered their shipping costs to Canada!

* Colours shown: Clouds of Candy, Girls Rule, Angel Kisses, and Forever Fancy.


  1. I was searching for non-toxic polish for me to use too. This is perfect!

    Thanks for posting this! I love the name too.

  2. Cherry:
    No prob! I LOOOOOOOVE sharing all my fave baby, kid, mom, and family products!!! Piggy Paint is the coolest, isn't it?! :)

  3. HAHA! Little One has the same weird toenails her Mama does! I inherited it from my maternal grandma's side of the family! Weird toenails that stick up! LOL! Eww.

  4. C... TMI! lol! We love our piggy paint too! I'm so sad we couldn't be in on the piggy paint party! M has girls rule, lol, and radioactive! Did I mention that I can get it at a store here??!! Let me know if there are any colours you want me to pick up for you!

    <3 your favourite personal shopper :)
    ps - your stuff is awesome! there are a bunch of no-slips in there too! I'll try to take a pic tomorrow to send you!

  5. Anonymous J:
    LOL! Ohhh yeah! I love having my own personal shopper! LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see my stuff! I am sooooo excited!!! :D Of course, I can't wait to see you, M and Z either!! :) XXOXO <3

    P.S. There's a reason I haven't shown you my feet! I hate feet and I hate toes. Well, Little One's are pretty cute though.

  6. Love it! Must get some for the girl!

  7. We too adore Piggy Paint. Wish we had found it years ago!

  8. The other thing that's awesome about Piggy Paint is it comes off of everything! I've had it on my clothes, floor, couch, desk chair, and on toys! It's so super