Friday, September 17, 2010

Mo'Lovely Designs

Many people are unaware of this, but the Island is home to a wealth of very talented artists. Be it in the form of textile art, painting, jewelry making, photography, wood carving, pottery, singing, or acting, the Island is rich in art.

In my many trips to various community events like the Pow Wow in Wiky or the Farmers' Markets, I've long lusted over the creations of Sophie Pheasant Jones. In the past, I've bought earrings from her. My eldest niece is now a teenager and loves jewelry. I love Sophie's craftsmanship, the love she puts into each piece, and the fact that her creations are original. I also love that by buying Mo'Lovely Designs, we're supporting a local business.

The other day, a really good friend of mine and I were taking my ESL student a day trip. On our way to the city, my friend pulled out this amazing Sophie Pheasant necklace.
Me: Wow! Is that a Sophie Pheasant original!?!?!?
V: Why, yes it is!
Me: You bought something for yourself from Sophie?
V: No. I bought it for YOU!
Me: (shocked) What!? No way!!! Really?! What did you do that for?!
V: Well, you always do so much for everyone. You are an amazing woman who does it all and I don't know how you do it. I just wanted to get you something because you are so amazing.

Okay, me writing down that conversation sounds really narcissistic! Her words just meant so much to me. I was so touched, I almost cried! Anyway, my friend got me one of Sophie's necklaces and it's in my favourite colour!

Here's another necklace I've been eyeing! I'm in luuuuuuuv!Ahem! Honey, if you're reading this...Someone's got a birthday coming up a week before Christmas! :) I'd like it in blue.

You can find Sophie's fabulous creations on Facebook or at the Mo'Lovely webpage.


  1. I like it! Are her items only available on Manitoulin?


  2. what? no giveaway? :o( just kidding i love her stuff. does she do cutsom orders and how long do you think it takes to get from the island to orillia?