Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hoot! Hoot!

We've got owl hats!Kady, one of my favourite bloggers has opened up her own etsy shop! I've admired Kady's creations for a while now. She's got a talent for creating beautiful things like baby blankets, necklaces for Mom (because Mommy needs some pretty things too!), slippers, adorable Boutique Hair Clips, and my personal favourite...OWL HATS!!!

Kady custom made Mommy and Baby Owl Hats for Little One and me. How cool is that!?
I was like a kid ripping open my package (while my toddler sat in awe of what was going on)! I immediately put my owl hat on and then put Little One's on her head. They are the coolest things ever!

The hats are warm and cozy...and soft! I'm not much of a hat person (mainly because I don't look good in hats), but I'm in love with my owl hat! The workmanship is first rate and I love the ear flaps and ties.

I'm sure Little One will not want me to wear matching hats with her when she's older, so I might as well make the most of this while I can!

In honour of the grand opening of her etsy shop, Kady is having a contest! One lucky reader will win...AN OWL HAT!!! Oh, and if you make a purchase, every order over $20 will receive two FREE Boutique Hair Clips!

Find her on Facebook here @ Take A Mom's Word For It. Enter the contest here to win your own owl hat! Head over to My Dandelion Wishes (Kady's etsy shop) and check out what she's got! The owl hat contest/giveaway ends on September 14th.


  1. Mom vs. the boys:
    They're super cute, aren't they?? Even on my big head! LOL! Little One is much cuter though.

  2. Super cute! I love them. Her necklaces are only $4!! I love mine that I bought and I have a 6 month old who thinks it is very tasty, and very fun to pull on! It always maintains it shape too! Ok enough gushing LOL