Sunday, September 12, 2010

CRAYOLA, We Love You!

Not only do Crayola products cultivate the imagination and creativity in kids, but they provide many other developmental tools little ones need.

Crayola products help with fine motor skills. Crayola products also help children learn their colours. They help with numbers . We're teaching Little One how to count her crayons and markers when it's clean up time. Yes, I'm anal like that. I make my 21 month old count her art supplies as she puts them back into her Rubbermaid container to make sure she hasn't lost or misplaced any of them. Granted, she can only count up to five right now.
Crayola crayons keep Little One busy for HOURS! Hooray!

These are the Crayola products we have at our home:

These are quite possibly Little One's favourite of all the Crayola products. She sees Mom and Dad with pens and thinks these are just like grown-up pens. Perhaps it's not too wise for a Mom to let her 21 month old play with coloured pencils. Well, the good thing is that they're not sharp. The clear plastic barrels keep them from breaking and when they get worn down, you just twist them and keep on colouring!

Small in size, but big in colour!
CRAYOLA Pip-Squeaks are the perfect size for little hands. They're easy to hold and the ink is washable and specially formulated for little ones. Our Little One loves the variety in colours. She loves mixing them together to make new colours. It's every budding artist's dream come true. Okay, every little kid's (and big kid's) dream come true!

These were the first of the Crayola products that I ever bought for Little One. She only started using them two weeks ago, and now she's using the crayons, pencils and markers! Okay, I have to confess that the main reason I never let Little One use art supplies was because I didn't think she was ready. Oh, okay. I didn't think she'd be able to use them without making a sheer mess out of herself, my furniture, and everything else.

Who was I to hold her back though? She clearly LOVES colouring and "drawing". LOVES IT. I'm not worried about her making toooooo much mess with Crayola though. I know everything is washable.

The triangular crayons were perfect for her introduction to writing and colouring implements. Because of the way they are shaped and designed, they are super easy for pudgy little toddler hands to hold.

The thing I love best about Crayola? They're WASHABLE!!! :) Thank you, Crayola! Thanks for being educational, fun, and...WASHABLE!! Note the lovely tattoo my toddler is sporting on her arm? :)


  1. She;s just the cutest monkey ever. She's growing up fast Chris! Enjoy while she's still little. It goes so fast.


  2. Yes, lucky they are washable. I know a mom who would flip if they weren't.