Monday, August 23, 2010

BornFree Pacifier Review

One of the perks of being a BornFree Canada Mom Panel Member is that not only do I get to write for a wonderful company, but Little One gets to enjoy some of the perks too. This is perfect for us, because my child seems to have discriminating taste when it comes to soothers and sippy cups. She loves her BornFree training cups, drinking cup and straw cup!I never thought I'd use a soother on Little One, but because she was a preemie, she didn't really develop a strong sucking reflex. The doctors and nurses in the NICU suggested we try her on a soother.

I cried. I didn't want her to ever use a soother. I thought it would interfere with any attempt at breastfeeding her. I thought she'd prefer the rubber nipple and just want to drink from a bottle and not from her Mama.

I was wrong. In our case, the pacifier actually helped with the breastfeeding. Little One soon developed her sucking reflex and became a champion nurser!

She still uses her soother, but only for naps and bed time. I'm okay with that. She's starting to learn that she can survive without her soother and she's pretty good about only taking it for naps and bed time.

Not only does BornFree carry bottles and sippy cups, but they also have pacifiers and teethers! BornFree has Clear Button pacifiers, Clear pacifiers, and CoolFlow pacifiers. Little One uses the Twin pack CoolFlow pacifier. It's an "orthodontic silicone pacifier with a rounded cherry shaped nipple. Made from materials that are 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC, the BornFree® pacifier features a breathable shield with extra large air holes to reduce moisture around the mouth and raised soft edges to protect sensitive skin. Twin pack. Supplied with a hygienic snap-on cap.
Available Stages
Stage 1: 0-6m
Stage 2: 6m+"

Little One seems to like the soothers. I really like that there are extra large air holes! I also like that the pacifiers are easy to clean and are 100% BPA-free/Phathalates-free/PVC-free. Oh, and one more exciting feature is the hygienic snap on cap. I like that I can just snap the cap on the pacifier and throw it in the snack bag or diaper bag (or even in my purse)! What a great idea! Little One also likes the cap! She has been putting it on her soother and taking it off. Too cute!

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