Thursday, August 26, 2010

SHEARS To The New You!

I recently posted on my other blog about the little quandary I was in. I hate to say that I have been in a rut. A hairstyle rut.

Living in the country, there aren't the pressures I once had to keep up with all the latest styles or to maintain a fashionable hairdo all the time. It's not the same as when I lived in the city. Life is more laid back here, and one cares if you have your hair in a ponytail all the time. I've also been preoccupied with work, the toddler, the husband, the household, the farm, and everything in between. I know it's no reason to take five minutes out of my day to splash on some make up or get to the salon for a fresh cut. No excuses.

I try not to succumb to the material or outer beauty, but let's face it...It does feel absolutely fantastic when you do nice things for yourself. Every woman needs to pamper herself. When you look good, you feel good. Right? Plus, who am I kidding? There's still that part of me that LOVES make up (especially lip glosses and eye shadow!), purses/handbags, shoes, and clothes! I've tried to quell these lusts since I married a farmer and now live in a small rural community.

Well, I went and did the unthinkable. I'm normally a boring person when it comes to my hair. "Just a trim, please" and nothing too fancy. Well, I did two things I normally wouldn't ever do.

1. I went to a new hairdresser. My regular hairdresser just had a baby, and is taking some time off. Otherwise, I'd have gone to her.

2. I asked the new hairdresser to give me something completely different and out of character. Chop it all off!

SHEARS To The New You is a new salon in Manitowaning. Roomy, bright, and welcoming...It's a great place to just sit back and get that new hairstyle or get those highlights done!

Ashley Case, the owner and hairdresser is cheerful, friendly, professional, and really knows what she's doing! I left the salon feeling like a million bucks! Thanks, Ashley!New salon on the Island !
With Ag & Matrix products to help transform the new you.
Call Ashley Case for an appointment at

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  1. you look great, I tried a new hairdresser cut 4 inches to try something new and guess what...she ruined my hair....glad you found a hairdresser and a cut that works for you.

  2. Thanks, D! I still can't believe you got 4 inches off your hair! Even if you think your hairdresser ruined your hair, I'm sure you look awesome. You always do! :) XOXO

  3. luv it! lookin good chris!

  4. Hi, following you from! Really nice haircut. My hair is super long and I've been wanting to get a new style or just trim it for a long time. Now I need to find the time and have my hubby or relative to look after my toddler. Well, hope you have a great weekend!