Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Say It Phree

Looking for a unique way to express yourself? Say It Phree has tees to suit the biggest zombie, old school vampire, and phree-thinking fans.

"Expressing the spirit of our times, popular and esoteric, through wearable art created by artists from around the world." (from the Say It Phree website)

The t-shirts are available in various designs, colours and styles. The art work on the tees is pretty wild. Definitely not the tees your Great-Grandma would get you! ;) I think we've all received t-shirts that read: "My Grandma went to Florida and all she got me was this shirt". Say it Phree is perfect for those who love the real, classic, old school vamps, weres, and zombies.

I have a friend who would LOVE a Robot Uprising shirt. He was talking about the Matrix and the Animatrix the other day. This t-shirt reminded me of some of the things we mentioned about those movies.
Say It Phree has given me this youth-inspired girly cap tee.
Isn't that hilarious? WWLLD = What Would Lava Lamp Do? Ummm...hilarious because lava lamps don't really do anything.

You can buy your Say It Phree shirt on their website. Also find Say It Phree on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. I like the robot uprising one.