Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's Da Beef?

Some of you may already know that I'm a guest blogger on the Canadian Beef Blog.  I was not born into a farming family, but I married into one.  I blog about life as a city girl living on a working beef farm.  Hopefully, I can offer a unique perspective by linking city and country (coming from both worlds), let people know more about the beef farming industry (like debunk certain myths about beef farming!), and just share our adventures on the farm. Not only am I a city girl living in the country, but I'm also a Chinese-Caribbean-Filipina-Torontonian-Montrealer living on an island in Northern Ontario! This all makes for some interesting (and often comedic) blog fodder!

Here's my latest post - Not Yo' Standard Meat and Potatoes!

Pssst! If you read the post, you'll see that I've included Hubby's favourite beef recipe! It's not just your standard steak and potatoes either!
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  1. That's cool! I'm going to check it out. I hope I find a recipe for beef stew made with red wine. My friend and I were just talking about it!

  2. Sheri:
    Thanks so much for commenting! :) I have a beef stew recipe somewhere! I can share. Of course, the Canadian Beef Blog has tons of beef recipes on there too! I'm sure they've got something with red wine! ;) Mmmm...Now I feel like making stew for supper!

  3. OHM:
    Thanks for popping by! :-) Let me know what you think :-)

  4. Hello C!

    I would like some beef jerky, made with
    YOUR husband's own home grown Beef!! :-)

    I entered to win a Hamilton Beach crock pot!!
    I recently dropped my old faithful and need a new one!!